Services Overview

I am so glad you stopped by to discover how I can be of service.  I have a passion for helping women just like you unleash their most beautiful, powerful and confident self.  So many women get stuck in fear and playing small which leads to feeling like a failure and immense dissatisfaction with life.  

Trust me, I’ve been there and that’s why I am so committed to helping break the chains that hold you captive by arming you with the truth of who you really are so you live from a place of purpose, power and presence.

Right now, you may be stuck in feelings of worthlessness, feeling like you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. I am here to tell you those are all lies! 

In the eyes of God, you are enough and you have everything you need to carry out your divine mission and purpose right now!

All you need is some guidance from a coach and mentor.

Below you will discover the ways we can partner together to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Group Programs

In my group programs, we meet via phone or video, depending on program you are enrolled.  The groups are kept to 10 women max so you can get the attention you deserve. These programs are offered quarterly and can run up to 90 days depending on the course.


In my private VIP Coaching programs you get my full attention on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on which package best suits your needs.


My workshops are fun and transformational if I must say so myself.  The workshops are very reflective and interactive.  These are only offered a couple of times per year with a maximum of 15-20 women depending on the topic.