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Are you God-centered woman entrepreneur who is tired of not meeting your goals?

Do you need to get comfortable with being seen online and in person?  

Ready to own your worth?

I hear you!  You may be a successful professional woman or entrepreneur who truly makes a difference in this world. Yet, inside you hide your greatest potential because you are paralyzed by fear, stuck in comparison or don’t feel good enough to get those clients or that promotion.  It’s time to release those self-sabotaging thoughts and step into the truth of who you are as a woman created in the image of God.

It’s time to step out of the shadows and into the light! Release the lies and see yourself through the eyes of divine love and truth. It’s time to reconnect, restore and revitalize the power of your spirit and feminine presence so you can be more magnetic, make more money and live out your purpose with power and presence.

Trust me, I know your struggles, because not too long ago, I was there! Through my own journey out of fear and anger, I discovered the power of self-love and confidence– I learned to be the star of my life and my career. I am certain that I can help you do the same with my Success and Personal Development Coaching.

Real success requires you to have the courage and confidence to be your authentic self. It’s not an easy process. The good news is, I’m here to support you every step of the way! I’ve led hundreds of women to a better life and career.  YOU could be one of them!!

What I Do for You:

  • I will be your personal butt kicker and support, no judgement here.
  • I will help you have breakthrough around fear and self-sabbotage
  • I will teach you how to shift your mindset from victim to victor!
  • I will empower you to own your beauty, uniqueness and message
  • I will teach you how to honor God by loving and caring for yourself
  • I will help you get clear about how you serve so you can be focused in your efforts
  • I will share my knowledge, experience and wisdom to decrease your learning curve and get you into business quicker


  • Get you out of fear and into action through intentional focus and mindset shift
  • Bring your passion to life in a way that generates income doing what you love
  • Create a personal brand online and in person that aligns with who you are
  • Increase your visibility in social media through media (Video and Photo)

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VIP Coaching Packages

VIP Package: 6 Months  


  • 60-minute Initial Assessment Call
  • 24 Hours of Private Coaching (Weekly)
  • Action Plan
  • All Call Recordings
  • Weekly Email Accountability
  • Social Media Profile Image Analysis and Feedback
  • “Paint Your Masterpiece” DVD + Two 30 Minute Skype Sessions
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Limited Quick Call Access
  • Plus Bonuses


Gold Member Package:  3 Months

  • 60-Minute Assessment Call
  • 7 Hours of Private Coaching (Bi-Weekly)
  • Action Plan
  • All Call Recordings
  • “Paint Your Masterpiece” DVD + Two Photo Email Feedback Sessions
  • Limited Email Access
  • Plus Bonuses



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