Let me share some of my story…

You may think I have always felt beautiful but the truth is most of my life I felt ugly.

My story is much like that of many women and maybe even you.  Often receive compliments about my outer beauty but it’s my inner beauty I am most grateful for because developing it wasn’t easy.

At age three, I was abandoned by my mother which left me feeling worthless, angry and very lonely inside. Countless times I was called overweight, too talkative and selfish which slowly shattered my self-worth.

Although I had a low self-esteem on the inside; I became a master of outwardly appearing strong and confident. At a young age, I quickly learned to gain control of my life by managing how I looked to others and becoming a lifetime over achiever.

In 2007, at the age of 40 and after 22 years of leading and training sales teams in the telecommunications industry, I decided to follow my dream and became a Certified Multi-Media Makeup Artist; Image Consultant AND finally graduated with a B.A in Communications from Regis University.

YES!!! It all happened in one year!



It wasn’t until 2010, when my husband deployed to Iraq, I experienced what I call my “nervous breakthrough.” I was over 40, in a new place and I had a new career.   After nearly 8 hours of crying from loneliness, I realized I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know how to just be with myself.  After years of anger, low self-esteem and worth I realized the pretty woman on the outside was ugly inside.

I decided to step out and do something I had only dreamed about; I hired my very first business coach.  It was scary because I didn’t know what to expect and it was a huge investment.  After two sessions, she realized my brokeness and recommended that we work on me.  What started out as a 90-day investment led me to my life’s passion and purpose.

As a Makeup Artist, I encountered, celebrities and everyday women who, like me learned to devalue themselves and their beauty because it was considered wrong or vain.  Unfortunately, many of those beliefs were grounded in our religious traditions, media images or relationships with men.  No matter how beautiful, smart or talented woman is, there is something inside that says, “I am not enough.”

The truth is, you ARE enough!  You are called to love your neighbor as you love YOURSELF.  Loving yourself is about authentically honoring the creation you are in a healthy and balanced way.  When you align your true essence with who you are on the outside, that is client attractive.

In fact, when I first started my business full-time, I put my theory to the test on a networking cruise.  Women who didn’t talk to me at a previous event changed their tune when I showed up on that cruise looking good and feeling good.  That day, I attracted ideal clients and began creating new network of high-level women. Seriously, I was a star, people were complimenting me, asking for my business cards and even requesting to take pictures with me.  That networking event was the catalyst to where I am today.  Owning my beauty and my worth, led to radio interviews, co-hosting a weekly radio show for women, opening my own makeup studio and being a part of an International Best-selling book, I mean the list goes on. What shifted?

I got out of my story, owned my value and started beautifully showing up!  Beauty simply isn’t an option, it is imperative to your business that you show up consistently, confidently and with credibility.  How you look does matter.  Everything purchased starting with food to cars starts with what’s on the outside…then what’s on the inside.  As much as you may hate to hear it, your TRUE BEAUTY IS AN ASSET.

When I say true beauty, I mean a BRILLIANT BEAUTY….beauty that lights up a room because you stepped in it.  Learn to speak volumes without every saying a word and leading with your light and presence.

Release limiting beliefs, own your self-worth and reclaim your identity in God so you can step into the spotlight on stage, online and on camera ready to serve with purpose, power and presence!

Increase your visibility…attract the clients you were called to serve.