You have stopped by the right place if:

  You are a Female Entrepreneur who is just launching her new business and needs support and guidance
  You are a progressive God-centered woman who is open to a new way of being and seeing yourself
  You are ready to be visible online and in-person so you can attract your ideal clients
  You are ready to release all limiting beliefs and fear so you can create the life and income you desire
  You are ready to own your worth and confidence so you are willing to take the risks needed to create success


So if you’re still reading I want you to know, there is hope. 

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT that you are…

✓ Empowered to fully step into your new venture because you know what you want
✓ Bold and powerful enough to own your value and charge your worth
✓ Successfully creating a substantial income while making a difference in the world
✓ Living a life that is not driven by lack and limitation but abundance and prosperity
✓ Grounded in who you are and the purpose that God has called you to be here
✓ Commanding attention when you enter a room because you’re now owning your spotlight
✓ At peace and full of joy because you have created a life that supports you and those you love

Sound’s great doesn’t it?  Let me tell you, it’s possible to have all of this when you learn to see yourself through God’s eyes.  I know because that’s what happened for me.  The woman you see on your left, in black, is an outward expression of the woman who lives inside of me.  She is the one described above and you can be your own version of her if you willing to do the work.

Are ready to experience and reveal your true self, the one that is: beautiful, confident, bold and living on purpose?  If so, then I am your girl!  No more playing small!! It’s time, to show up, stand up and play full out with Dorothy-Inez, your Leadership and Personal Presence Coach.

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“Dorothy-Inez has a spirit of love, kindness, and joy.”            

–  Rev. Allen Mosley

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